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Sony Wega KV-32FX60 wide screen TV selges!

På tide å investere i en skikkelig TV? Vurderer å selge min 3 1/2 år gamle Sony Wega 32 tommer wide screen TV grunnet oppdatering.
Pris kr 8.900,- inkl. spesialstativ til 2500,-.
Opprinnelig ny pris inkl. stativ ca. 24.500,-! Brukermanual og fjernkontroll følger selvfølgelig med. Må hentes i Oslo!
(OBS! Selve TV’n veier 54 kg, så ta med deg med en kompis når du henter 🙂
  • 32"/82cm wide screen WEGA FD Trinitron
  • Advanced 100Hz Digital Plus
  • DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)
  • IQ Picture
  • Television System: B/G/H, D/K.
  • NTSC Video In 4.43-3.58MHz
  • Auto 16:9
  • 16:9, 4:3, 14:9, SMART, and ZOOM
  • Full multi system PAL, SECAM, NTSC, NICAM 5.85 + 6.52MHz
  • Format correction
  • Illuminated top panel control
  • Fastext with 500 page memory
  • Parential lock
  • Personal ID
  • A2/Nicam digital stereo
  • Sound power left and right speakers
  • 2 x 25W music power, 2 x 15W RMS (2 x 2 speakers)
  • Subwoofer 25W music power, 15W RMS (2 speakers)
  • Menu System
  • Dynamic bass reflex system
  • Full auto set-up
  • 99 program memory
  • Smartlink
  • Freeze
  • Sleep Timer
  • Auto Volume Adjustment
  • Graphic Equalizer
  • Sound menu has Flat, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Vocal and Personal settings
  • 5 AV
  • REAR
    • 3 x scart
    • 1;21 pin EURO-AV Connector, input of audio/video or RGB signals, output of TV signals.
    • 2;21 pin EURO-AV Connector, input of audio/video or S-video signals, selectable output of audio/video signals.
    • 3;21 pin EURO-AV Connector, input of audio/video or S-video signals, output of audio/video signals (monitor out).
    • RCA Connectors Audio outputs Variable output for for audio signals.
    • RGB input for DVD
    • RGB input for Digital TV
    • Earphone Socket
    • Separate earphone control
    • 4;4-PIN DIN input of S-video signals
    • 5;3 RCA input of audio/video signals
  • Weight 54kg
  • Dimention 870 x 565 x 570 mm
  • RM-891 remote control
  • SU-32FX1 TV stand (silver w/black glass)

Hva det engelske magasinet Home Entertainment skrev om Sony KV-32FX60:

It’s no exaggeration to state that when Sony introduced the first of its range of Trinitron WEGA sets a couple of years ago, it moved the goalposts in terms of TV design and picture quality. Since then everyone else has been struggling to keep up. The KV-32FX60U is the company’s second generation WEGA Trinitron set, and boasts many of the hallmarks of its predecessor.

The set-up system is incredible. It works like lightning to pull in all the available stations in a matter of seconds. There are also several useful initial set-up options that are worth investigating, namely picture geometry control (very useful if you’re hooking the set-up to a Sony PlayStation) and picture rotation.

One other useful feature is that when you adjust one of the settings, the on-screen menus shrink into a corner of the screen so you can actually see what’s happening on screen. Very handy if you’re experimenting with the range of picture options that are on this set. In addition to the usual suspects – colour, contrast, etc – the TV boasts AI which adjusts the set’s contrast to suit the ambient lighting conditions in your room, and noise reduction which works to clean up poor terrestrial pictures.

There is also a choice of three digital modes. ‘Normal’ delivers 100Hz picture processing, which significantly reduces image flicker. ‘Digital+’ adds more flicker reduction to 100Hz processing, and ‘Advanced Digital+’ offers motion smoothing.

Other facilities include a sleep timer, parental lock and a host of Smartlink-associated functions that features the neat option of one-button recording of an on-screen image if the set is a similarly endowed VCR.

Picture format options include the usual selection of modes. However, there’s no Panorama style mode, which stretches the side of a 4:3 image and leaves the centre untouched. Instead, you get Smart which blows up the picture lopping off sections at the top and bottom.

Picture quality is superb. The set delivers both rich and colourful images from both analogue and digital TV sources. Images are crisp and clear right up to the very edges of the screen. You can also see a sharp picture no matter which angle you look at the set from.

The remote control is stylish. It features a tracker-ball, not unlike a PC mouse, which you use to dip in and out of the menus. It’s a little intimidating to use at first, but you get used to it very quickly. The handset also operates Sony VCRs.