By Gunnar Homdrum

Spectrum –  Oslo, June 17th, 1997
Although the show was great, the concert in Oslo was not without problems. Sheldon had problems with his guitar. He changed it 3 or 4 times, and when Philip was hitting the high notes in the end of Fantasy – just when it’s REALLY getting interesting, it sounded like the entire right speaker-tower went dead for a couple of seconds. I was told later that the gear in Oslo Spectrum was to blame, and not EWF. Too bad, but like I said – they delivered a great show despite the problems.

Like the Vegas report says, they more or less performed the "Live In Japan" CD. The only new track played was Revolution. I can’t remember all the songs though. I was waaaay too busy singing, clapping and dancing my ass off. My compliments to Sonny E. What an excellent drummer he is. His solo midway through the concert was just awesome. In the middle of the last song, somebody that looked liked one of the crew (a white guy in jeans, T-shirt and tattoos on his arms) came on and borrowed Sheldon’s guitar. Didn’t recognize the man, but it turned out to be non other than Steve Lukather. They all looked like they were having a great time, and so did the audience. Sheldon did Maurice’s singing parts and did an excellent job, although I guess we all miss Maurice. After all, – he IS Earth, Wind & Fire.

Royal Albert Hall –  London, July 5th. 1997
The show was more or less identical, without Mr. Lukather and the technical problems of course. I heard somebody complaining about the sound. From where I was, the sound was just great. Crisp treble and a fat bass. I just shows how important it is to try to find the right spot. Somewhere near the mixing-table should usually do it.

Anyway, after the show I went downstairs for the aftershow – together with about 20 other people. Among them was Corinne Drewery from Swing Out Sister. I quickly asked for a picture. After waiting in the bar for a while, Greg – head of EWF security, comes in and soon after they all followed. I had the chance to talk to Sheldon, Verdine, Morris, David & David and the dancers, DeeDee & Kyausha. Hope the pictures turn out good.

Philip was the only one not in the bar area. He had a quick talk with someone in the hallway before he left. Seemed important so I didn’t want to impose.

What a summer! Two shows with EWF and one with Swing Out Sister, also at the Royal Albert Hall. Isn’t life great!

Gunnar Homdrum.


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