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About this list…

Since the release of the Compact Disc in the mid 80’s, I’ve constantly been replacing my most interesting old vinyl albums into CDs. The vinyl collection is now sold, but I still got some LPs that means a lot to me, – but I want them on Compact Disc!

Despite countless online searches – including some pretty obscure online stores, – the albums on the right seems to never have been re-issued on CD… anywhere!

One could of course argue that some of these titles are not among the respective artists overall best work, but they all bring back good funky memories to me, – and are therefore all classics… in my book that is πŸ™‚

So, – if you by any chance have come across some of these titles on CD, I would greatly appreciate any info on where to obtain them.

What’s in it for me I hear you ask. Well, – other than bringing much happiness and musical joy into my life – once again – you will certainly get credit and glory on this page. Thanks!

A big round of applause for…

Philippe Wynne: Wynne Jammin'Hans Georg Maier in Germany for providing me with Philippe Wynne’s 1980 release "Wynne Jammin’". Thanks a million! πŸ™‚

Dave Grimes in the UK says that Kashif’s first album saw limited CD release in Japan some time ago, but is now deleted. He also confirmed my suspicion that Gardner & Boult never released an album. Thanks for clearing this up!

Michael Hood in the US has provided me with what the doctor ordered: a 12 inch remix mp3 injection of both "Always There" by Willie Bobo "Pick Me Up, I’ll Dance" by Melba Moore. Thanks!!

Keni Burke: You’re The Best The classic 1981 album "You’re The Best" by Keni Burke has finally been reissued on CD in Japan. A K2 24 bit remastering no less!

B.T. Express: 1980Yes! Thanks to Mathias  Davidsson in Stockholm, I’ve finally got the hard-to-get Jap. CD reissue of "1980" by B.T. Express in my collection…

Kashif: Kashif I…and he has also provided me with Kashif’s excellent 1983 debut album.

Dee Dee Sharp: Happy 'Bout the Whole ThingGeorge Tannehill in the US has provided me with a CD-R of the now deleted Jap. CD reissue of "Happy ‘Bout The Whole Thing" by Dee Dee Sharp. Incl. her excellent version of Stan Vincent’s "O-o-h Child". Thanks George!

Tavares: Madame ButterflyThanks to Rolf von Reding, Switzerland for the tip that EMI/Capitol Germany have reissued Tavares/Madam Butterfly on CD Aug. 04.
Cold Fire: Cold Fire - 1981In the same series are Cold Fire/Too Cold and Mystic Merlin/Full Moon, together with several titles by Dayton, Sun and Brass Construction.

…And last but not least, thanks a lot to Mr. Valdas Bytautas in Lithuania for providing me with some ultra cool and rare CD grooves…

The Trammps: III

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Brick: Stoneheart – 1979  
Label: Bang
Produced by: Bill Schnee
Led by the flute-playing Jimmi Brown, Brick "created" the so-called Dazz sound [Danceable Jazz] also adapted by Kinsman Dazz, which later became The Dazz Band. The 1979 Stoneheart album is probably just for hard-core fans, but like most of the releases on this page, it brings back good funky memories πŸ™‚ Fave tracks: "By the Moonlight"
Brick: By the Moonlight and "Dancin’ Man"Brick: Dancing Man.
Brick: Stoneheart
Four Tops: At the Top – 1978
Produced by: Norman Harris & Ron Tyson
Label: ABC
Arguably not one of the Four Tops’ classic releases, but if you’re into the Philly/Salsoul sound, this is as good as it gets! Produced by "The Harris Machine" at Sigma Sound Studios in Philly, with Don Renaldo’s Strings & Horns, and lead singer Levi Stubbs in excellent form, this is the Tops’ only release on ABC Records.
Heatwave: Hot Property – 1978
Produced by: Phil Ramone
Heatwave: Candles – 1981

Produced by: James Guthrie/Johnnie Wilder
Label: Epic
Two very underrated Heatwave albums that I have been looking for for ages! Ultra strong production and horn & voice arrangements. Including songs written by then Heatwave member Rod Temperton, who later teamed up with Quincy Jones writing song for Michael Jackson and Brothers Johnson among others.
The, in my opinion, much weaker 1982 "Current" album has been re-issued on CD in Japan, so my guess is that these two will turn up eventually…
Heatwave: Hot Property
Hi-Tension: Hi-Tension – 1978
Label: Island
Produced by: Kofi Ayivor/Alex Sadkin
Only and quite successful (in the UK anyway) album release from this British funk/disco group. Fave tracks: "Peace On Earth"
Hi-Tension: Peace On Earth, "Autumn Love", "Unspoken"Hi-Tension: Unspoken, "British Hustle"Hi-Tension: British Hustle and "Hi-Tension"Hi-Tension: Hi-Tension.
Universal Germany was planning several soul/funk re-issues and Hi-Tension was supposed to be among them. Nothing yet though…
Hi-Tension: Hi-Tension
Invisible Man’s Band: Invisible Man’s Band – 1980
Label: Mango/Island 
Produced by: Clarence Burke/Alex Masucci
Chicago based funk outfit consisting of Alex Masucci and brothers Clarence and Keni Burke. I want this album mainly because of the supreme and almost 9 minute running "Love Can’t Come/Love Has Come" and the almost-as-good "Rent Strike".
Invisible Man's Band: Invisible Man's Band
Kinsman Dazz: Kinsman Dazz – 1978 
Produced by: Tommy Viari/Philip Bailey/Ralph Johnson
Kinsman Dazz: Dazz – 1979
Kinsman Dazz: Get Down With the Feelin'
Produced by: Tommy Viari/Philip Bailey/Pat Glasser
Label: 20th Century
Combining two Cleveland funk outfits, Bell Telefunk and the Kinsman Grill house band, two albums were released on 20th Century. They took the name from the Kinsman Grill and added Dazz (Danceable Jazz), a word used by Brick in their hit Dusic. With EW&F member Philip Bailey producing, arranging, co-writing, singing background and acting as the groups mentor, Kinsman Dazz clearly sounded something in between Brick and EW&F. Their 1978 debut is a bit more disco and not as good as their second offering, the 1979 "Dazz". The rock-alike guitar opening on "Saturday Night"
Kinsman Dazz: Saturday Night is just awesome!
Main Ingredient: Bitter Sweet – 1972
Main Ingredient: Rolling Down a Mountainside – 1975
Main Ingredient: Shame On the World – 1975
Main Ingredient: Music Maximus – 1977
Main Ingredient: Ready For Love – 1980
Main Ingredient: I Only Have Eyes For You – 1981
Label: RCA
Produced by: Various
I’ve got both the "Golden Classics" and "Quiet Storm" collections, but since Cuba Gooding – who replaced lead singer Don McPherson in 1972 – is one of my all time favorite smooth soul vocalists, – I want more! Except for the 1973 "Afrodisiac" – which I already got on CD – I basically want everything with Cuba doing the lead! "Bitter Sweet" actually saw a limited CD reissue in Japan some years ago, but has now been deleted. Can anybody provide me with a CD-R?
A remastered double "best of" only covering the Cuba period would also be great. A request though; be sure to include the two excellent uptempo cuts "Think Positive", from "Ready For Love", and "Evening Of Love" from "I Only Have Eyes For You".

Main Ingredient
Melba Moore: A Portrait Of Melba – 1978
Label: Buddah
Produced by: McFadden & Whitehead
I’ve always thought that "A Portrait Of" is Melba Moore’s overall best release. She teamed up with producers McFadden & Whitehead for this and the result is great. When someone finally decides it time to put this out, please include the excellent old 12" extended mix of "Pick Me Up, I’ll Dance" as a bonus track. Alternatively could someone compile a "Best Of The Buddah Years"? The compilations "This Is It: Best of Melba" and "Little Bit More: The Magic Of Melba" both concentrates mainly on her 80’s Capitol/EMI America period.
Melba Moore: A Portrait Of Melba
Passage: Passage – 1981
Label: A&M 
Produced by: Louis Johnson
Great gospel/funk album by one half of Brothers Johnson together with his wife and cousin(?). This was actually an early CD release by A&M but it quickly went out of print and I wasn’t able to get my hands on a copy. Anyone that has the original CD and care to make me a CD-R? Passage not to be confused with UK jazz/fusion group by the same name.
News: Passage is scheduled for CD release in the US sometime 2005.
Danny Pearson: Barry White presents Mr. Danny Pearson – 1978
Label: Unlimited Gold/CBS 
Produced by: Barry White
Barry White produced teenager Danny Pearson’s 1978 debut album, which has become a soft soul classic. White utilized the same studio band he used on his own million-selling hits as well as the talents of his friend, arranger Gene Page. The original vinyl are changing hands for $50,- while we wait for someone to reissue this on CD.
Shock: Shock – 1981
Label: Fantasy
Produced by: Marlon McClain/Roger Sause
Debut album by electrified funk outfit Shock. Very well produced with an extremely crisp, yet fat sound. My old LP still sounds totally awesome! Fave tracks: "Got to Have Your Love" and "Let Your Body Do the Talkin’".
Tavares: Love Uprising – 1980
Produced by: Benjamin F. Wright
Label: Capitol
Tavares’ 11th album,  the 1980 "Love Uprising" is pretty straight forward R&B/disco and probably only for those who knows this from when it was first released.
The Trammps: Where The Happy People Go –  1976
The Trammps: III – 1977
Produced by: Ron Baker/Norman Harris/Earl Young
The Trammps: Slipping Out – 1981

Produced by: Mass Production
Label: Atlantic
The Trammps were making some excellent dance music years before disco became a dirty word. Since "Where the Happy…" (NOT to be confused with the compilation "THAT’S Where the Happy..) was the album that really opened the door for my personal interest in Black Music, this is extremely important for me to get on CD! It was actually re-issued on CD in Germany in the mid 90’s, but I wasn’t able to get my hands on a copy and now it’s deleted. Shit!
"III" is another fine Trammps release including the "The Night the Lights Went Out" together with one of the few Trammps ballads, the great "Seasons for Girls". …and yes, I know both are on the "That’s Where…" compilation, but they have been edited and I want full length album versions.
The 1981 "Slipping Out" was produced by funk group Mass Production and therefore a change away from the previous Salsoul sound of Baker, Harris & Young. Nevertheless a pretty good album and in my opinion much underrated, – but again, – probably only for the hard-core Trammps fan.
The Trammps: Where The Happy People Go
The Trammps: III
The Trammps: Slipping Out
Narada Michael Walden: Victory – 1980
Label: Atlantic 
Produced by: Narada Michael Walden/Bob Clearmountain
Producer, singer, songwriter and excellent drummer, Michael Walden’s 1980 release is much like his 1979 "Dance Of Life". This, along with some of his other old albums, have been re-issued on CD in Japan. My guess is that "Victory" will surface in Japan soon. Not a high priority though.
Wild Cherry: Only The Wild Survive – 1979
Label: Epic
Produced by: Rick Hall
Their last album and in my opinion their overall best release. A couple of Wild Cherry compilations are available, but not many tracks from "Only The Wild…" are on them.

The Impressions

"2   O N   1"   A L B U M S   I   W O U L D   L I K E   T O   S E E . . .

The Brides Of Funkenstein: Funk Or Walk – 1978
The Brides Of Funkenstein: Never Buy Texas From A Cowboy – 1979

Label: Atlantic
Produced by: George Clinton
One of the many groups in the George Clinton P-Funk army. The nearly 15 minute "Never Buy Texas…" title cut is truly one of my favorite P-Funk tracks. Both albums on a "2 on 1" CD release would have been great.
Brides Of Funkenstein: Never Buy Texas From a Cowboy
The Temptations: Power – 1980
Produced by: Berry Gordy
The Temptations: Temptations – 1981
Produced by: Thom Bell
Label: Gordy/Motown
Arguably not two of the Temps best work. Their vocal skills remains excellent as always, but the material isn’t quiet up there. They both bring back good memories though. The title track from the 1980 Power album is a mix of Melvin Franklin’s natural bass together with a poppin’ bass line and is just that; full of power!
The 1981 self titled album has a very good Spinners-like Philly production by Thom Bell. Neither albums are high priority, but again, – a "2 on 1" would have been nice.

C O M P I L A T I O N S   I   W O U L D   L I K E   T O   S E E . . .
Rance Allen Group
Label: Stax/Fantasy
Produced by: Henry Cosby
The 42 mins. "Best Of" on ZYX Records [2002] is pretty crap, so someone should go ahead and put some effort into a Rance Allen compilation which this excellent R&B/Gospel group definitely deserves …and please include "We Care A Lot", "Where Have All Your Friends Gone" and "My Recipe For Love" from the otherwise somewhat weak 1979 "Smile" album.
Label: She Records
Chicago funk quintet released 3 albums on the She label between 1978 and 1979. "Riding High", "Good Thang" and "Breakin’ the Funk". Only major hit was the single "Riding High" which reached the Top Ten on Billboard’s R&B singles charts and was sampled by various rappers in the 1980s and 90s. Their second album was produced by Clarence "Satch" Satchell of Ohio Players.
L.A. Boppers
Label: Fantasy, Mercury and MCA
Side Effect member Augie Johnson formed the Boppers in the mid-’70s with their first release "The Boppers" on Fantasy in 1978. They then switched to Mercury and became the L.A. Boppers. With input from Mikki Howard they released "The L.A. Boppers" in 1980, which included "Is This the Best (Bop-Doo-Wah)", "Watching Life" and "Be-Bop Dancer. A final Mercury album "Bop Time" (1981) featured an update of the Delfonic’s "La, La Means I Love You" and the excellent funky "Give Me Some". Their final album "Make Mine Bop" was released on MCA in 1982.
Mystic Merlin
Label: Capitol
New York funk/disco group with 3 album releases. "Mystic Merlin" 1980, "60 Thrills a Minute" 1981 and "Full Moon" 1981. All on Capitol. [EMI/Capitol Records Germany have reissued Full Moon on CD. Available from Amazon Germany.] In my opinion none of the albums are overall great, but they all include some pretty good funk and club classics. Although I’ve come across a couple of M.M. tracks on various funk/disco compilations, I very much would like one by just Mystic Merlin.
Shotgun: Kingdom Come – 1981
Label: MCA
Produced by: William Talbert
Sounding a bit like Cameo of that time, Detroit funk outfit Shotgun released 6 albums between 1977 and 1982. Their 5th – "Kingdom Come" – is in my opinion their overall best and the main reason why I’m looking for Shotgun. A compilation would be much appreciated though. (Not to be confused with Rockabilly band by the same name πŸ™‚
More info on Shotgun and how to obtain all their albums on CD-R, contact Harry Hall.
Shotgun (1977), Good, Bad and Funky (1978), Shotgun III (1979), Shotgun IV (1980), Kingdom Come (1981), Ladies Choice (1982) (Avail. from Amazon)
Shotgun: Kingdom Come
Label: MCA
New Orleans based Windjammer released 3 albums on MCA between 1983 and 1985. I’m especially looking for tracks from the second one. "II" includes the slightly mellow UK Top20 hit "Tossing and Turning" plus some very fine ballads. A compilation please!

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