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The SALSOUL story…

New York’s Salsoul Records was created in 1974 by brothers Joe, Ken and Stan Cayre, who had already established themselves in the business via their expertise in the Latin-American music market. Afro-Filipino musician Joe Bataan must have  zapped the Cayre brothers with his sizzling version of Gil Scott-Heron’s "The Bottle", now done in a natural fusion of South American rhythm and hot temper – Salsa, together with North America’s most unique legacy – Soul. Salsa and Soul became Salsoul. "The Bottle" hit big, Salsoul was born and the rest is dance music history…

The 12 inch single…

One of Salsoul Records finest – Double Exposure – are credited with the first ever 12 inch vinyl single, the classic "Ten Percent" from 1976. Since then, about 300 12" singles followed together with a string of albums until it all was over in 1985.

The rest…

Several other acts have also released material on Salsoul Records.
– The Anvil Band
– Aurra
– Avenue B Boogie Band
– Sharon Bailey
– Claudja Barry
– Edwin Birdsong
– Bombers
– Jimmy Briscoe & The Beavers
– Rafael Cameron
– Candido
– Jimmy Castor
– Cream De Coco
– Gary Criss
– Flashlight
– Gaz
– Loeatta Holoway
– Hambone
– Martha High
– Eddie Holman
– Jammers
– Barbara Joyce
– Kongas
– Logg
– Mauriat
– Metropolis
– Bunny Sigler
– Silvetti
– Cubby St. Charles
– Tierra
– True Example
– Weeks & Co

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Joe Bataan: The Anthology – 2005
Label: Salsoul/Suss’d Records UK
Produced by: Joe Bataan, Joe Cayre
4 albums worth of material by the legendary Joe Bataan, nearly all of his second period recordings in one 2CD package! The first album on the set is the legendary "Salsoul", Joe’s groundbreaking combination of Latin rhythms, funk, and New York soul — originally issued on the Mericana label, but a record so great the company decided to adopt its name for all future releases, and which also kicked off a groove that countless other artists followed.  Essential stuff for anyone with an ear for Latin, funk, disco, or soul. 34 tracks in all.
Charo & The Salsoul Orchestra: Cuchi Cuchi – 1977
Label: Salsoul/Unidisc
Produced by: Vince Montana
Ok, — so Charo was everyone’s idea of a joke on 70s TV, but this album’s actually a pretty good little session — thanks to help from Vince Montana and the Philly crew. The album has Charo breathily singing and talking most of the lyrics — inflecting them with a slight Latin accent, as you’d expect from her many appearances on game and variety shows in the late 70s. Vince more than keeps things cool, though — providing some great soulful grooves, and a bit of vibes, to really flesh out the tunes, and keep them from being simple disco knockoffs.
Double Exposure: The Anthology – 2005
Label: Salsoul/Suss’d (UK)
Produced by: Ron Baker, Norman Harris, Earl Young, Ron Tyson, Bunny Sigler, Ron Kersey
Philly harmony quartet Double Exposure were one of the greatest groups to record in the Sigma Sound Studios. Although working on the clubby Salsoul label, they have a depth that matches any of the best male soul groups of the 70s, and equally well-suited to mellow tracks as well as uptempo ones. And although the group are best remembered for their big disco singles of the late 70s, this 2CD collection also includes all of their great ballads — the complete set list from the albums Ten Percent, Fourplay, and Locker Room.
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First Choice: The Anthology – 2005
Label: Salsoul/Suss’d (UK)
Produced by: Baker, Harris & Young ++
A massive collection of work by one of the greatest female acts to come out of Philly in the 70s, whose work had a huge influence on disco and club into the 80s! First Choice got their start doing more pop-oriented work for the Philly Groove label — but by the end of the 70s, they’d hooked up with Salsoul. This 2CD set features all 3 of the group’s albums for Salsoul — Delusions, Hold Your Horses, and Breakaway.
Inner Life feat. Jocelyn Brown: The Anthology – 2005
Label: Salsoul/Suss’d Records UK
Produced by: Various
Inner Life were one of the most soulful groups to record for Salsoul Records — but that’s no surprise, considering that their lead vocalist was the legendary Jocelyn Brown! In the years since Jocelyn parted ways with the group, she’s gone onto a rich club career of her own — but at the time of these early 80s recordings, her voice was a key part of the Inner Life sound — pairing with excellent arrangements from maestros Stan Lucas and Greg Carmichael. This massive 23 track 2CD set brings together all the tracks on the 2 albums that Inner Life recorded for Salsoul plus remixes, solo tracks by Jocelyn, and recordings for the Prelude and Personal labels.
Instant Funk: Instant Funk – 1979
Instant Funk: The Funk Is On – 1980

Label: Salsoul
Produced by: Bunny Sigler
Instant Funk: The Anthology – 2006
Label: Salsoul/Suss’d Records UK
produced by: Bunny Sigler ++
After MFSB, Instant Funk were probably the second most famous backing group from the Philly scene. "Instant Funk" from 1979 is Salsoul Records in-house band’s first release. Featuring the classic "Got My Mind Made Up". The second album has them stepping out from their role as a Philly backup group. The album bounces along in a well-produced groove — thanks to Bunny Sigler — stepping with the best funky Salsoul work of the time in a round blend of bass, heavy percussion, and some ultra-catchy riffs. Still want more? "The Anthology" is a massive 29 track 2CD set that features most of the tracks from all 6 of the group’s albums for Salsoul! Instant Funk first came to fame as one of the key studio combos behind the sound of Philly International in the mid 70s — but when the Salsoul/Gold Mind imprint got rolling, the group moved over to that label and recorded a great run of hard-grooving albums! And while the "funk" in their name isn’t the same sort as you’d imagine from deep funk, they definitely have a tightly-crafted sense of musicianship that made them one of the best groups working on the east coast disco scene in the 70s.
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Love Committee: Law & Order – 1978
Label: Salsoul
Produced by: Baker, Harris & Young
The first and best of Love Committee’s two albums. The quartet featured Ron Tyson-Presson, later a member of the Temptations. The title track "Law and Order" is a slab of social commentary that’s reminiscence of Blue Magic’s "Welcome to the Club".
Moment Of Truth: Moment Of Truth – 1978
Label: Salsoul
Produced by: Baker, Harris & Young
Comparable to the Trammps and Double Exposure, Moment of Truth combined Philly soul and disco and owed a strong debt to classic Philly soulsters like Intruders and Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes. Their self-titled 1978 album was their only effort, and although it is a Salsoul/Philly Soul gem, including the minor club hit  "Helplessly". the album was pretty much ignored by radio at the time and therefore didn’t sell much.
Ripple: Sons Of the Gods – 1979
Label: Salsoul/Unidisc
Produced by: Floyd Smith
A disco club classic — the second album from funky combo Ripple’s — and a record that’s completely different than their first one! This set was recorded years after the group’s first funky sides, and has Ripple sliding nicely into a disco group. Including the classic club groover "The Beat Goes On & On".
Salsoul Orchestra: Anthology – 2005
Label: Salsoul/Suss’d (UK)
Produced by: Vince Montana, Tom Moulton, Bunny Sigler, Patrick Adams, Stan Lucas
Vibes, strings, keyboards, and vocals — the heavenly sound of Vince Montana’s large disco orchestra, The Salsoul Orchestra, one of the greatest disco/soul/funk outfits of the 70s! In the same way that MFSB were the ‘house orchestra’ to Philadelphia International, the Salsoul Orchestra performed the same task for Salsoul Records. Amazing how great these tunes still sound after all these years — still tight, right, and funky at the best places — gliding along with a sound that’s classy yet soulful at the same time. Of all the Salsoul Orchestra compilations, this 27 track 2 CD set is by far the best!
Buy it at amazon.com
Skyy: First Time Around – Best Of – 2003
Label: Salsoul/Capitol Japan
Skyy: The Anthology – 2006
Label: Salsoul/Suss’d (UK)
Produced by: Randy Muller
Despite being on the Salsoul label, Skyy didn’t have the standard Salsoul sound. Thanks to producer/songwriter/arranger/keyboardist Randy Muller — who also produced Brass Construction and Rafael Cameron — Skyy were heavier and more funk oriented. "First Time Around" is a very good Jap. 17-track collection incl. the basic Skyy tracks. Still want more? Check out the 2006 massively overstuffed 30 tracks double CD package which features tracks from Skyy’s 7 Salsoul albums which had an big influence on the groove at the time. Great liner notes!


Various: Classic Salsoul Mastercuts Vol.1 & 2 – 1993
Label: Beechwood Music UK
An excellent Salsoul overview in this highly recommended CD compilation series from Beechwood Music UK. Including 12" versions – if available – of classic Salsoul Records acts. Featuring First Choice, Double Exposure, Loleatta Holloway, Ripple, Instant Funk and The Salsoul Orchestra among others.
Buy it at amazon.com
Various: Salsoul Presents – Philly Soul Flavas – The Soul Sound Of Philadelphia – 2005
Label: Salsoul/Suss’d Records UK
Massive work from the Salsoul label and a great collection of the company’s more soul-based records of the 70s. During the later part of the decade, Salsoul was king of the discos, but at the same time the label was also recording some great mellower soul work that was often overlooked next to the company’s bigger dancefloor hits despite that they were on a par with anything that was coming out on the Philly International label at the time. The reason of course being that Salsoul was recording heavily at the Gamble & Huff home turf of Sigma Sound Studios — using many of the same players and arrangers, and coming up with a sound that ended up taking the Philly groove to a whole new level. 16 remastered tracks and a great set of liner notes!
Various: Salsoul Presents – Disco Divas & Soulful Sista Flavas – 2004
Label: Salsoul/Suss’d Records UK
A motherlode of female soul — from one of the greatest club labels of all time! Salsoul Records was a key force in transforming the sound of the female singer in the mid 70s — mixing together older soul styles with a warm and joyous groove that pushed the vocals onto the dancefloor. And while disco soul often gets a bad rap as being "sellout", one listen to this set will quickly dispel any of those thoughts — as Salsoul always considered the singer to be the strongest element of the music, and never buried the vocals as in styles used by other disco labels at the time.
Various: Salsoul Presents – Disco Funk Flavas Vol 1 & 2 – 2004/05
Label: Salsoul/Suss’d Records UK
Some of the funkiest tracks ever recorded for Salsoul! The set’s a real surprise to anyone who’s ever thought of Salsoul in lusher, more traditional disco terms — because the album’s overflowing with catchy grooves and many of the tracks are represented in great mixes that bring out some of the best elements of the tunes! 2CD set features 23 tracks in all, plus a great set of notes. Volume 2  is a bit heavier than the first — overflowing with overlooked grooves, either because they’re rare singles, or because they were lost among the bigger disco hits of the label. 2CD set w/ 24 tracks.
Various: Salsoul Presents – Latin Funk Flavas – 2005
Label: Salsoul/Suss’d Records UK
Latin-styled club from the Salsoul label. The name Salsoul was first coined by Joe Bataan to describe the unique mix of Latin, soul, disco, funk, and salsa he was working in at the time — and while the label that grew out of the term was better known for their crossover disco hits, they also managed to always keep one ear out for a Latin-sounding groove! This set does a great job of bringing together the more Latiny Salsoul singles of their classic dancefloor years. 13 tracks including "Rio De Janeiro" by Gary Criss, "Samba Funk" by Candido, "Kongas Fun" by Kongas, "Return Of Leroy" by Jimmy Castor, "Baila Simon" by Tierra, "Hail To The Teeth" by District Of Columbia, "Ritzy Mambo" by Salsoul Orchestra, "Samba" by The Anvil Band and "Aftershower Funk" and "The Bottle" by Joe Bataan.
Various: Salsoul Presents – Mello Vibes & Funky Flavas – 2005
Label: Salsoul/Suss’d Records UK
Salsoul mellow? Oh yes, the famous disco label had some great chilled-out moments. A unique collection of Salsoul work as it goes for the mellower funk of the disco era, often stepping into territory that sits nicely between club and soundtrack orchestrations, with a sweet easy groove. Including rare album cuts that are often overlooked beside the bigger hits of the times, and some real gems by some of the lesser-known artists who represented Salsoul’s more soulful side of things. Titles include "My Lady" by Tierra, "Sea Shell Shore" by Paul Mauriat, "One For Jojo" by Hambone, "Love For The Sake Of Love" by Claudja Barry, "Silvia’s Picture" by Silvetti, "Was That All" by Metropolis, "Nice Vibes" by The Anvil Band, "Since I Fell For You" by Hambone, "Calm Before The Storm" by Gary Criss, "Facts Of Life" by Ripple, "Stop & Think" by Salsoul Orchestra, and "Mujer Mia" by Joe Bataan.

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