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The following pages contains highly recommended albums that have given me countless hours of listening pleasure over the years, and therefore means a lot to me. Most of the albums recommended here are – or have been – available on CD.

Except for the Electronica/Chill Out CDs, a lot of my recommended albums were originally released in the 70s, but almost all of them have been reissued on CD. Some in the UK or Japan only, and can therefore be a bit hard to obtain – especially the West Coast Soft Rock albums.  Many of the Chill Out albums are released on small independent labels with EU distribution only. Some are also deleted and no longer available.

Wondering exactly what tracks are on them, or simply want to buy one? Most album sleeves are linked directly to amazon.com. In most cases with track listings and sound samples.

…And yes, – I know, – there are lots of "great", "excellent" and "superb" in my mini-reviews, but many of these titles are classics… in my book anyway.

Also check out my latest addition to these pages: The CD Want List! Maybe you could provide me with info on where to find some much sought-after CDs?

…and in case you’re wondering. The sheet music above is from "Music" by John Miles from his 1976 album "Rebel". The speaker is the JBL Ti6K. As for the background music… no idea… just thought it sounded cool 🙂

Background sound