Dedicated to Maurice White]

Badeya, badeay,
so much joy in ev´ry day,
hear our song, take some time,
earth stands still, join our rhyme.

Many ways for you to run,
you`re a sparkling beam of sun,
cross the wind through clouds and cold,
spread your spirits shining gold.

Knowing world demands a lot,
don´t you fall in trustless trott,
light`s the source for shades of blue
world will give all back to you.

And God´s loving flame inside,
of you heart will be your guide,
creates fellowship and pride,
shines, enlightens you so bright,
shines all night, shines all day,

badeya, badeay,
badeya, badeay.

Martin Jonas Holzinger
© 1981/1997 All rights reserved.

Wouldn’t it be great if somebody (preferably EWF themselves 🙂 
could put music to these words?

Gunnar Homdrum 1996 © 2005