EWF performed together with Black Eyed Peas during the XXXIX Super Bowl pre-game show in Jacksonville, Florida on Feb. 6, 2005. That was probably a treat for Patriots player Earthwind Moreland, who was named after the group because his mother is a big fan.
(Personally I’m pretty happy that my mother was not a Engelbert Humperdinck fan 🙂


EWF and Mathew Knowles (father of Beyoncé) have announced the signing of an exclusive album deal with Knowles’ Sanctuary Urban Records Group (SURG). The new album Illumination is now scheduled for a US release in April 2005. (Jap. rel. could be 23. March). The album features production by Grammy-Award winning production team Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and recent Grammy-Award winner Raphael Saadiq. Saadiq also lends his smooth vocals to the album, in addition to guest appearances from critically acclaimed artists Floetry and Musiq. [Tracklist]


EWF’s "Show Me the Way" feat. Raphael Saadiq was nominated in the cat. Best R&B performance by a duo or group with vocals. The price went to "My Boo" by Usher & Alicia Keys. The 47th Grammy ceremony took place February 13. in Los Angeles.


DVD-Audio, Super Audio CD, DVD Plus and the imminent DualDisc are among the cutting-edge music delivery formats. But just as these carriers deliver high-resolution audio, so does another medium making inroads in the audio production and consumer communities: high-definition broadcast.
A high-resolution audio and high-definition video from two EWF/Chicago performances, held Aug. 10-11 2004 at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, will premiere Feb 25. 2005 on pay-per-view provider iN Demand in the US. The concert is also likely to see a DVD release later in 2005.


Maurice White is pairing with Maurice Hines to create a musical loaded with EWF material as well as new music. The contemporary urban play entitled "Hott Feett" will feature Hines’ choreography and direction set to White’s EWF hits as well as new originals. Writer Heru Ptah is the author of the book of the four-act play, inspired by EWF chart-toppers, as well as White’s solo material. The "Hott Feett" concept is similar to the Billy Joel-Twyla Tharp musical, "Movin’ Out," in that the choreography and storyline are built upon the artist’s songs, but are not based on his life. Official premiere is projected for mid-year 2005, and a Broadway opening is anticipated for early 2006.


Born 3rd April 1937, Shaw, Mississippi.
Died  27th September 2004, Chicago.

In the late 60s, Louis was a member of the group The Pharaohs. He also  often contributed to sessions at Chicago’s Chess studios, and when Maurice White recorded a demo for a new band he wanted to form, Louis appeared on it. Maurice’s group were later to become EWF, and Louis – together with The Pharaohs Don Myrrick, Yehudah Ben Israel and Rahm Lee, plus Michael Harris – were hired by White as the Phenix Horns.
Louis, along with Rahmlee Davis, have recently been in court with Phil Collins. Collins won the lawsuit he filed against two former backing band members over excessive royalty payments made from his 1990 "Serious Hits"- Live album. 
London High Court Justice Jonathan Parker ruled, however, that defendants Louis Satterfield and Rahmlee Davis – both former members of EWF – would not be responsible for paying back any of the money ($385,000), which were overpaid to them by Collins. Although Collins was not seeking repayment of previously paid-out monies, he was seeking a declaration that no further payments be made to the musicians, and on that front he won.
While defending their case, Satterfield and Rahmlee had claimed they were owed royalties from all 15 tracks on the Serious Hits – Live album as opposed to only the five tracks they performed on. Parker disagreed. 
The original dispute in the case arose after an accounting error was discovered, showing the defendants had been overpaid $345,000. Phil Collins Ltd.’s chief accountant then informed the defendants by letter that said overpayment would be recouped from «future royalties earned.» Parker agreed, although he stated Collins’ claim was limited to one half of that amount and that it was «highly improbable» that any future royalty payments would ever cover that sum. 


I Am"I Am" is the last in the remastered and expanded series from Columbia/ Legacy. Other albums that have got the usual Legacy treatment are; "Open Our Eyes", "Spirit", "That’s The Way of the World", "Gratitude" and "All ‘n All". They have all been digitally remastered and includes bonus tracks and new liner notes etc. Legacy US has also released a remastered "Best Of Vol.1", which includes a 7:38 megamix as a bonus track. All albums sounds fantastic, so it’s probably time to exchange the old ones – again! Check the Discography for details.


The long awaited new album has finally been released, and in my humble opinion, this is maybe –  except for the Millennium album (1993) – their best effort since the much underrated Faces album back in 1980! "The Promise" is produced by Maurice White and features Angie Stone, Gerald Albright and The Emotions together with a little help from Bill Meyers, Wayne Vaughn, Jerry Hey, Carlos Rios, Paulinho Da Costa and others. The sound is excellent and the songs are in good EWF tradition – great melodies, strong grooves, real horns and lots of superlative ballads – many featuring Maurice on lead vocals. Two of the songs, "Dirty" and the very good "Where Do We Go From Here?" – the latter penned by Bill Meyers and Ross Vannelli [brother of Gino… anyone?] – are actually from the "I Am" sessions back in 1978. Despite being a quarter of a century old, both tracks sounds fresh due to additional 2003 production by Paul Klingberg. "Betcha" is another personal favorite, showing Philip in excellent form. [Pay attention from around 3:00 and figure out where you’ve heard THAT before :-] Japanese version contains 2 bonus tracks. [Tracklist] [Review]


Sony Music Japan has released a completely new remix album entitled "EWF Remixes". "Let’s Groove", "September", "Shining Star" and others, have been remixed by mixers and artists active worldwide. I’ve got it, and although I personally find both the "Boogie Wonderland" and "Brazillian Rhyme" remixes a bit too techno for my taste, it will probably introduce EWF to a whole new and younger audience. The Masters At Work remix of "Can’t Hide Love" is excellent though! [Tracklist]


Martin Holzinger, Zirndorf, Germany, for lots of info in the solowork section, – great research on the meaning of the symbols, the ISIS, the EWF computer game, – …AND the awards list. Keep up the good work, Martin.

Peter Kreitmeir, also from Germany, for numerous news tips and info regarding the group. Thanks a lot 🙂

Marvin Dickey, Charlotte, NC, USA, for additional production work info, and for pointing out that Sheldon Reynolds did play lead guitar and sang lead vocal for the funk group Sun (Sun: Greatest Hits is out on CD. Capitol 72434-95757-2-1). He then moved on to The Commodores before ending up in EWF in 1987.

Olle Dahlquist, Boden, Sweden, for misc. info. (This guy has been together with EWF for a week during their England tour in 1982!)

Michael J. Goodwin, USA, for rare grooves, additional info in the personnel and symbol section.

Peter Hellström, Stockholm, Sweden, for misc rare groove info and several live pics and cover scans.

R.J.M., NYC, USA, for all the album rewievs. Great work! I support his ratings 100%.

Suzu Takeda, Palo Alto, Ca. USA.
George E. Watson, Nassau, Bahamas,
Paul A. Gilbert, New York, NY, USA
Mike Wiethorn, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA
Paolo Magnani, Italy
Valdas Bytautas, Lithuania

…and all the other people out there that has provided me with info making this site such a success.



Below are several excellent reasons to get yourself a decent DVD player and a surround sound system. More in the Video Discography

JAZZ 2004" DVD

A kick ass performance by Al and his 13 piece Allstars band including Michael Harris and Michael Rahmlee Davis of the Phenix Horns. Recorded in the spring 2004 at the Kaunas Jazz Festival in Lithuania. PCM stereo and (a very good) 5.1 surround mix. The playlist is perfect and the concert is an excellent EWF experience indeed! [Tracklist] []


Featuring the entire 1997 Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland) concert, including  a couple of tracks from the then-new release "In the Name of Love" album. 7 additional songs from the 1998 concert have been added as bonus. [Tracklist]


Sony Music Europe has released a 2-disc DVD containing both EWF video clips, and the previously released "Live By Request" concert which was recorded in July 1999. Several other live tracks and bonus cuts are also included. The Dutch Collection version has a slightly different tracklist. [Tracklist]


"Earth, Wind & Fire in Concert" was recorded live at the Oakland Coliseum, December 30 and 31, 1981, and was released on DVD by Pioneer 25. April 2000. Special features: Interactive menus, scene access. Video format: Standard 1.33:1 [4:3]. Audio tracks: 5.1 Dolby Digital sound and Dolby Digital stereo. [Tracklist]


And here’s a note for all EWF-crazy fellow bassists: there’s several  instruction videos by Verdine  where he talks about sound, technique, his Peavey-custom basses, his influences etc. There’s a booklet included which contains the bass-lines to hits like Getaway, Fantasy, That’s the Way of the World, September and others. Also you can see Verdine jamming with a small band, performing the songs mentioned above. It can be purchased through BASS PLAYER and other guitar player magazines. [More instruction videos]


Former EWF guitarist (1972-1982) interview done March 2004 for


For all fans of the badest band on the  planet, a new discussion board is now available!
The Elements Of The Universe forum has 3 sections; one for discussing EWF in general, one for the new album "The Promise" in particular, and one for memorabilia. The forum is moderated and updated at least every 24 hours. Made and maintained by fans for fans…


Okay, not really, but EWF was the special musical guests in Washington, D.C. June 20. 2000 at a White House state dinner. The event, which was held in a tent on the White House lawn, was honoring His Majesty Mohammed VI, King of Morocco. The band was first contacted just a week before the show by White House staff, and they quickly agreed to do the show. The entire group flew to Washington June 19, including Maurice White. The guys had just gathered to rehearse the new stage show they’ll be doing on the road this year when the call came in, and they were honored by the invitation. According to The Washington Post, President Clinton asked the audience after the show: «Weren’t they great?», pointing to the original band members, many his own age. «I was thinking: If a grandfather can do this, maybe there’s life after politics». 


Maurice White told that he is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. Although the fifty-eight-year-old musician was originally diagnosed with the degenerative neurological disease eight years ago, he opted to keep his condition a secret. But now, with his band’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame only a week away, White feels that the time has come to set the record straight. [More…]


Earth, Wind & Fire was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the fifteenth annual induction dinner on March 6. 2000. [More…]


VH1 ran a series called "The 100 Greatest Rock and Roll  Artists of All Time." Earth, Wind and Fire placed # 60. Seems a little  low on the list, but they did place ahead of Paul McCartney and Parliament-Funkadelic. The list was determined by ballots sent to actual musicians, and not journalists or record executives. For the EWF segment, clips were shown of the rare video for "Boogie Wonderland" (actually, not a very accurate representation of most of EWF’s material), and "Shining Star" from the group’s appearance at the "The Joint" in Las Vegas last year.
Boyz II Men spoke of how much they loved the music of EWF; but the true thrill was Miles Davis calling EWF "my favorite" and "the best". Seeing how he was considered by many to be the best jazz artist, and to some, the best artist of any music genre, this is quite a statement to make. Mike Wiethorn


"Devotion" is probably the most popular song by EWF in Chile and the reason is the following: The line "Deliverance from the fruits of evil" sounds like the words "Toma tu sopita" in Spanish, which mean "Drink your soup", actually the song is known by the Chileans as "Toma tu sopita". When EWF visited a very famous summer festival in Chile (in the late 70’s), they were introduced by the conductor of the show as the authors of the great song "Toma tu sopita"… 🙂


German goldsmith Peter Kreitmeir offers chains in gold, silver or platinum with EWF symbols. What about a gold chain with the sign of Jupiter?



"Just wanna tell you how much I like your web site on EWF. It is laid out really well. Continued success."
Sheldon Reynolds, Earth, Wind & Fire


I thoroughly enjoyed visiting this web page…even learned a few things. I used to be.. and still am, one of their biggest fans. Thanks.
Morris Pleasure, Music Director/Keyboards, Earth, Wind & Fire


I just viewed the EWF site and you have done a wonderful job. I had the honor and pleasure to serve as EWF’s musical director and keyboard player from 92′-94′ and they are like family to me. Maurice brought me the opportunity to co-produce my latest CD, "Sol to Soul" with him, and it has done very well here in the USA (#14 in the national charts). We also wrote "Honor the Magic" (from Millennium) together and that’s my voice on the front of the song saying "hagamos del mundo una familia"!
Best Wishes, Freddie Ravel



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