Has anybody heard a track from the mid 80’s that begins with a narration where the male singer is speaking about how he met a love, and says he was wearing an t-shirt with Earth, Wind and Fire on it? I think it was Roy Ayers, but I’m not sure. Need a confirmation on this. Also from what album, year and label?

For those of you that wondered, I found it myself. It was Roy Ayers and the track "Poo Poo La La" from the album In The Dark.

Can anybody provide me with the catalog number and tracklist of the CD single "Bloodbrothers"? There could be different versions of this single. I’m particularly looking for the one that includes the previously unreleased track "Frontline of seduction".

Thanks to Al Bottcher, Beach Bum Collectables, I finally got the info.
Bloodbrothers and more – 1993 (Jap. CD single) (WPCP 5799)
1. Blood Brothers (4:02 edit)
2. Love is the Greatest Story (4:35 lp version)
3. Frontline of Seduction (4:18 non lp track)
4. Super Hero (5:39 long version)
Japan CD-single including the previously unreleased "Frontline of seduction", long version of "Super Hero", and has 2 photos of the band.

Several people have been asking if there’s an existing EWF fan-club. Since I don’t know of such, I’m relaying on you people.

To all of you fans out there:
Take care and "Keep your head to the sky."


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