Philip Bailey, Alan Glass, & Andrew Klippel

verse 1:
the world just keeps on turning
no matter what i do
i found a way to flow with the changes
and a way to deal with the blues
but i’ve got to be optimistic
i’ll be about an attitude
one that’s gonna take me higher
someday, someway

i’ll be weightless, light in my shoes
i’m sailing over the moon
nothing’s gonna hold me down
i’ll be weightless, above the ground

verse 2:
i’m floating on troubled water
but i know i’m never gonna drown
so deep sometimes
i have to pray i get around
way out in the distance
i see i’m gonna be alright
i’m gonna give no resistance
there’s no need to fight

rivers flowing into space
i can’t wait until the day
i get my wings and fly away
over hills, over the moon
i never will arrive too soon
i’m soaring to a better place

© 1998