In the name of love
Maurice White, Sheldon Reynolds, Morris Pleasure, Paul Minor & Melanie Andrews

Gotta be right Gotta hold tight my baby
Cause you’re my lady you’re the one
Love just don’t happen overnight my honey
Let’s take out time baby
and make it right

Cause I want to love you (keep it real)
and I want to trust you (can you girl)
cause I really need you (can you keep it real with me)

My hearts been going around in circles looking for you
baby you’re the one
might take more than just a day or two
to make sure our love is true
this is what we need to do

Make sure the love is true (keep it real)
invest the time in you (can you girl)
cause my love is coming through (can you)
can you keep it real for me

gone tomorrow here today
these are all the games we play
baby keep it real

© 1996 Maurice White Music/Sony Tunes, Inc. (ASCAP),
Reyshel Music (BMI), Paul Minor Music (BMI),
Mellie Mel Music (BMI), Moplay Music (ASCAP)