Wayne Vaughn, Wanda Vaughn, Sheila Hutchinson

You said you wanted all of my love
Tell me what you need and I’ll be right there
When you needin’ some of that thang
So you play with fire you could get burned by the flame

Future’s seen by many, Hindsight’s 20/20
I always say what’s on my mind
And love…
It’s all about you, It’s all about me
What’s it gonna be?

It’s all about … Love
Ain’t no doubt about it and I wanna’ shout about it
It’s all about love

I know I said that we’re gonna’ be baby
The best of friends in life – the way we could see
You try to tell me what’s on your mind
But if you do the right thing, it’ll take you to the bottom line

Time is passin’ by
No more livin’ lies
I got to be there when you need
Cuz’ love..
Conquers all, never gonna fall, pick ya’ right up when you fall


Say you will, then you won’t
Say you do, then you don’t

Your love, touch my heart in a special way
Give me wings to fly away
I need more of your love today – everyday