Panasonic Interactive Media (US) product info:
1-888-PANAPIM (726-2746)
Catalog number: FZ-SP0002
Released in 1997

Thousand years ago, the journey of the ship ISIS was stopped by the eruption of a vulcano. The ship should bring music and healing sound of harmony to a world of disharmony. Since this time the ship "sleeps" in a pyramid, waiting for somebody to bring three jewels to wake it up again, using their power to start ISIS´ journey. Isis But this has to be soon, because the vulcano may erupt again and the ship would have to sleep again thousand years, because the door of the pyramid only opens one time in this period to let the ship out……..

The player has to move through a 3D-world (pyramid and ship) by clicking into the possible directions and using things. There are some more or less difficult riddles to solve to proceed. The player has a time-limit to complete the game. Finding and using special kind of glasses on board of the ship, the player may watch interviews with the members of EWF; they tell stories about their philosophy of music or the bands history. If the three diamonds are found and put in the right place, the ship starts the journey, taking the player to a live-concert of EWF as a kind of showdown.

The game runs with Windows 3.11, better with Windows 95, it also works on MAC’s. The window, in which the 3D-world is displayed is rather small, using the technique of Quick-Time Movie. The videos are also Quick Time format. The Windows version needs at least 8 MB of RAM, a SoundBlaster compatible soundcard and a double speed CD-ROM Drive, a 486/66 should do. Video-mode is 640×480 with 256 colors. MAC version runs with system 7.0 or higher, 8 MB of RAM and a double speed CD-ROM drive.

Fans will love it, because the game features all the typical EWF elements and the interviews are interesting to listen to. There really is a magical atmosphere. The live-video at the end of the game is the first part of EWFs latest video "EWF LIVE" (called "The Millennium Concert" in some countries). Professional computer gamers may be disappointed by the games depth (or non-depth), the rather easy riddles and the small size of the window.

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