Welcome to my Alfa Romeo GTV/Spider tribute.
With an award-winning Pininfarina design,
it is definitely a future classic!



Welcome to my tribute to one of the coolest and most sexy car designs of recent years. The Alfa Romeo GTV/Spider! The exceptional 1995 Pininfarina design is a still a real head-turner and certainly a future classic!

The Italians would call any open car a "Spider", but the name actually comes from the old horse carriages suitable for two. (You know the one Doc always rides in the old western movies). Since Spider is the general term for an open two-seater, or roadster, – there has been several Alfa Spiders (and Ferrari’s for that matter) over the years. These pages mainly concentrate on the Pininfarina designed 1995 GTV/Spider, – with some other Alfa models thrown in as well…

Alfa Spider w/ Zender Siena 18" wheelsMy first real car love affair was with a 1999 Spider. It lasted until 2004, when I had to let it go in favour of a 156 GTA! It was a hard decision, but the 3.2 V6 GTA engine was too tempting…

Anyway, – I bought the Spider first of all because of the exceptional and award winning design and I was constantly looking at the reflection in the shopping windows when I was waiting for a green light. However, I soon discovered that I had bought something a lot more! Suddenly, terms like "driving pleasure", and "the Alfa Romeo legend" made sense. I was always trying to come up with poor excuses to take it for a spin and it did what most cars won’t do for you… Turn a trip into a journey! I had become an Alfisti!

What more can I say, – Even long after the relationship ended, I still feel strongly about the Spider and I truly believe it will eventually go on and become a classic car icon…

News: The 2006 Spider is here! [Read more]

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