From Daniele Minotti in Rapallo, Italy. Here’s a little trick you might wanna check out on Gratitude.

1. LP
Put (with care) your precious vinyl on the turntable. Put your (light) pick-up into a groove just before Sunshine (side 3). Look close and can see the (small) track on the record. Try to reverse-play in a DJ’s style (don’t scratch, please). Lock your hand to a speed of 33 rpm, possibly with a quartz system… And yeah!!! You will discover the final chorus of Can’t Hide Love (only voices).

2. CD
If you have a pro CD player, you can try with the manual jog-shuttle or with an automatic reverse-play feature. If you have a normal CD set, try to sample the right part (in my CD 9’26" to 9’40" single track no. 8 – New World Symphony timing) with your PC’s soundcard or other sampler. Now, – probably, you’ll have a *.wav file ready to reverse-play with your software (or hardware sampler).


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