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Keni Burke
Dark Horse Rec. 1977
Produced by: Keni Burke
[Not avail. on CD]

Keni Burke - LP

01. Keep on singing
02. You are all mine
03. Day
03. It’s the last time
05. Shuffle
06. Give all you can give
07. Tell me that you love me
08. Something new (like a sweet melody)
09. From me to you

You’re The Best
RCA 1981
Produced by: Keni Burke
[Jap. CD only – K2 24 bit remaster – BVCM37391]

You're the Best - LP

01. Let somebody love you
02. Gotta find my way in your heart
03. Love is the answer
04. You’re the best
05. Paintings of love
06. Night riders
07. Never stop loving me
Jap. bonus tracks:
08. Rising to the top (Acoustic Mix)
09. You’re The Best (12» Remix).

RCA 1982
Produced by: Keni Burke
[* The CD version contains 2 bonus cuts from "You’re the Best"]

01. Shakin’
02. Hang tight

03. Can’t get enough (do it all night)
04. Who do you love
05. Let somebody love you [CD bonus cut]*
06. Changes
07. One minute more
08. Risin’ to the top

09. All night
10. You’re the best [CD bonus cut]*

 Cult Cuts From a Genius
Streetsounds UK 1986
LP compilation

Cult Cuts From a Genius - LP

Side A
01. Risin’ to the top
02. One minute more
03. You’re the best
04. Keep on singing
05. Gotta find a way back in your heart
Side B
01. Never stop loving me
02. Paintings of love
03. Let somebody love you
04. Hang tight
05. You are all mine
06. Who do you love

The Wonderful World Of
CD compilation
[CD is now deleted]
[Track 5,7 10,11 and 14 sounds like coming directly from the 1977 vinyl album. BMG/RCA probably didn’t have access to the master from the Dark Horse Rec. release]

The Wonderful World Of - CD

01. Risin’ to the top
02. Hang tight
03. Gotta find a way back into your heart
04. Paintings of love
05. You are all mine
06. One minute more
07. Day
08. Let somebody love you
09. Never stop lovin’ me
10. Something new (like a sweet melody)
11. It’s the last time
12. Who do you love
13. All night
14. Keep on singing
15. Risin’ to the top (Remix)

Nothin’ But Love
Expansion 1998
Produced by: Keni Burke

Nothin' But Love - CD

01. I Need Your Love
02. This Dedication
03. Indigenous Love
04. Tell Me You Want My Love
05. I Get off on You
06. I Can Give You Plenty Love
07. It’s Alright
08. Nothin’ But Love
09. It’s You
10. Give Me a Chance
11. Indigenous Love (Reprise) 

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