In Concert
Recorded live in Oakland Coliseum, CA 1981 – 55 mins.
UK: Channel Five CFV 02462 (VHS PAL)
EUR: Videoform Music VFM007 (VHS PAL) 
Jap: PA-83-039 (Laserdisc)
Notes: Also released as "Live in USA" CD with better sound quality. The length of the tracks on the CD is stretched by repeating some parts of the songs, but well done. (Except "TTWOTW", it´s shorter, they cut out Reeces´ interaction with the audience at the beginning) Also: "Devotion" not mentioned on the Video cover. "Let Your Feelings Show", "Jupiter" & "Remember The Children" not on CD. Intro- and outro-talk is missing on CD, – fade ins & outs instead.

01. Let your feelings show
02. In the stone 3:47
03. Fantasy 4:10
04. Sing a song 2:30
05. Reasons 5:10
06. Remember the children
07. Where have all the flowers gone 1:52
08. Shining star 1:32
09. Keep your head to the sky 0:32
10. Devotion 1:55
11. Gratitude 4:47
12. That’s the way of the world 7:03
13. I’ve had enough 4:27
14. Jupiter
15. Let’s groove

EWF in Concert
19? [VHS]
30 mins. Contains a playing Verdine in levitation, pyramids and aliens.

01. Jupiter
02. Fantasy
03. Getaway
04. Serpetine Fire

World Tour Special Version
1984 – US Edit
Laserdisc – NTSC

Live in Japan
90 mins
US: Sony – RB 403
Jap: Pioneer LRB 403 (VHS)
Jap: PILP-1011 (Laserdisc)

01. System Of Survival
02. Getaway
03. September
04. Fantasy
05. Shining Star
06. Kalimba Tree
07. After The Love Is Gone
08. For The Love Of You
09. Reasons
10. Brazilian Rhyme
11. Let’s Groove
12. That’s The Way Of The World

Eternal Vision
Live and video clips – 43 mins.
Laserdisc – NTSC / VHS – NTSC/PAL
US: Columbia 49150 (Video)
Jap: SRLM-836 (Laserdisc)

01. Serpentine Fire
02. September
03. Boogie Wonderland
04. After The Love Is Gone
05. Let Me Talk
06. Reasons
07. System Of Survival
08. Thinking Of You
09. Evil Roy
10. Heritage

Live (The Millennium Concert)
1994 [VHS]
Recorded live in Japan, 1994 – 60 mins.
EUR: Polygram Video 635 726-3
US: Sony RB 645

01. September
02. Let your feelings show
03. Let’s groove
04. Runnin’
05. Boogie wonderland
06. Can’t hide love
07. Fantasy
08. Kalimba interlude
09. Evil
10. Shining star
11. Keep your head to the sky
12. Reasons
13. Sing a song
14. That’s the way of the world
15. Wouldn’t change a thing about you
16. After the love has gone
17. System of survival

Live in Japan
1990 [DVD]
Recorded Heritage Tour, Tokyo Dome, Japan – 1990 – 90 mins.
US: Pioneer Artists PA 98 582D
(All regions)
Released 1998
5.1 Dolby Digital sound created from the original 2 track mix.

01. Heritage Tour opening
02. Earth Wind & Fire
03. System of survival
04. Getaway
05. September
06. Fantasy
07. Shining star
08. Sheldon Reynolds solo
09. Kalimba tree
10. After the love has gone
11. Gary Bias solo
12. For the love of you
13. Reasons
14. Andrew Woolfolk solo
15. Brazilian rhyme
16. Meet EWF interlude
17. Let’s groove
18. Sonny Emory solo
19. Finale
20. That’s the way of the world

In Concert
1981 [DVD]
This brilliant performance was recorded live at the Oakland Coliseum, December 30/31, 1981 – 58 mins.
US: Released April 2000, Pioneer DVD (All regions)
Features: Interactive Menus, Scene Access. Video Format: Standard 1.33:1 [4:3]. Audio Tracks: Dolby Digital Stereo

01. Let your feelings show
02. In the stone 
03. Fantasy 
04. Sing a song
05. Reasons
06. Remember the children –
07. Where have all the flowers gone 
08. Shining star 
09. Keep your head to the sky 
10. Devotion 
11. Gratitude 
12. That’s the way of the world 
13. I’ve had enough
14. Jupiter
15. Let’s groove

Verdine White All Star Bass Series: Right Hand Technique
1991 [VHS]
US: Intl. Music Productions Ltd
Verdine White bass instruction video
Verdine White All Star Bass Series: Left Hand Technique
1991 [VHS]
US: Intl. Music Productions Ltd
Verdine White bass instruction video

Verdine White All Star Bass Series: Solo instrument
1991 [VHS]
US: Intl. Music Productions Ltd
Verdine White bass instruction video
Verdine White Advanced Bass Techniques: Rhythm of the Earth
1993 [VHS]
Verdine White bass instruction video
1994 [DVD]
Captured live on their 1994 SRO tour of Japan, co-founder Maurice White’s final performances. Includes interviews with Philip Bailey, Verdine White, Ralph Johnson and Maurice White. – 60 mins.
US release Feb. 2001.
Features: Full Frame. 5.1 Dolby Digital sound. Multi-angle footage. Multiregion.

01. September
02. Let Your Feelings Show
03. Let’s Groove
04. Runnin’
05. Boogie Wonderland
06. Can’t Stop Love
07. Fantasy
08. Kalimba Interlude
09. Evil
10. Shining Star
11. Keep Your Head to the Sky
12. Reasons
13. Sing a Song
14. That’s the Way of the World
15. Wouldn’t Change a Thing About You
16. After the Love is Gone
17. System of Survival

Shining Stars: The Story Of..
2001 [DVD] [VHS]
JPN: COBY-90182
The performance documentary was released on Eagle Vision on both VHS DVD 21. August 2001. It reveals the inside story behind the songs, inspirations and the secret to their long-standing success. 120 mins.
US release Aug. 2001.
 Features: Interactive Menus, Scene Access. Video Format: Standard 1.33:1 [4:3]. Audio Tracks: Dolby Digital Stereo. Bonus performance footage in 5.1 Dolby Digital sound.

01. Earth Wind & Fire: The sound
02. The musical journey begins
03. Formation of a new band
04. Motivation and inspiration
05. Charles Stephney: The Couch
06. In the groove
07. Gospel and rhythm
08. Fashion delight
09. The spirit lives on
10. The cultural dynamic
11. Spaceships and magic
12. Dance, dance, dance
13. Symbols
14. Movie stars and disco
15. The business of music
16. The breakup
17. The comeback
18. Back in the studio: The new album
19. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
20. The funk continues
Bonus features: Photo gallery, discography and classic performance footage.

Live By Request
2002 [DVD] [VHS]
Recorded July 17th, 1999. 92 mins.
Special DVD features include Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, PCM Stereo, Interactive Menus, Discography,
Instant Access to Songs, Websites.
Special rare and previously unreleased bonuses. Exclusive encore performance «Keep Your Head To The Sky". Band Commentary on the tracks «Shining Star,» «Fantasy» and «Let’s Groove».

01. Shining Star
02. Fantasy
03. Let’s Groove
04. Devotion
05. September
06. Sing A Song
07. Reasons
08. Boogie Wonderland
09. That’s The Way Of The World
10. Mighty Mighty
11. Got To Get You Into My Life
12. After The Love Has Gone
13. Getaway
14. In The Stone
15. I’ll Write A Song For You
16. Serpentine Fire

Eternal Vision
Live and video clips – 43 mins.
DVD region 2
Jap: MHBP-11
(DVD edition of "Eternal Vision" (promo clips + live footage) originally released on VHS in 1992 with an addition of "Let’s Groove" as a bonus track)


01. Serpentine Fire
02. September
03. Boogie Wonderland
04. After The Love Is Gone
05. Let Me Talk
06. Reasons
07. System Of Survival
08. Thinking Of You
09. Evil Roy
10. Heritage
11. Let’s Groove

The Collection
[2 disc DVD]
Live and video clips.
DVD region 2
EU: 202 465 5
The Dutch Collection
[2 disc DVD]
Live and video clips.
DVD region 2
Netherlands: 202 465 9
The Dutch Collection version also includes video clips of I’ve Had Enough, Heritage and Sunday Morning. The live versions of Fantasy and Sing A Song have been skipped.

Disc 1 [Video Clips]
01. Serpentine fire
02. September
03. Boogie Wonderland
04. Let me talk
05. Let’s groove
06. I’ve had enough
07. Fall in love with me *
08. Magnetic
09. System of survival
10. Evil roy
11. Thinking of you
12. Heritage *
13. Sunday morning *
14. September ’99
15. Fantasy (Live) **
16. Reasons (Live) 
17. Sing A Song (Live) **
18. I’ve Had Enough (Live)
19. After The Love Has Gone (Live)
Disc 2 ["Live By Request"]
01. Shining star
02. Fantasy
03. Let’s groove
04. Devotion
05. September
06. Singasong
07. Reasons
08. Boogie wonderland
09. That’s the way of the world
10. Mighty mighty
11. Got to get you into my life
12. After the love has gone
13. Getaway
14. In the stone
15. I’ll write a song for you
16. Serpentine fire
17. Head to the sky
18. EWF speaks
19. Discography

* The Dutch Collection only
** Regular EU version only
Live in Montreux 1997
US: Eagle Vision
Feat. the entire 1997 Montreux concert, incl.  a couple of tracks from the then-new release In the Name of Love album. As a bonus feature, seven additional songs from the 1998 concert have been added.


01. Rock That
02. Jupiter
03. Saturday Nite
04. Revolution
05. Gratitude
06. September
07. Let’s Groove
08. Rockit
09. Sun Goddess
10. Can’t Hide Love
11. That’s The Way Of The World
12. Drum Solo
13. Reasons
14. Fantasy
15. Mo’s Solo
16. Boogie Wonderland
17. After The Love Is Gone
18. Sing A Song, 19. Shinin’ Star
20. Devotion.
Bonus 1998 Performance:
01. Kalimba
02. Medley: Pride / Mighty Mighty
03. In The Stone
04. Solo Percussion
05. I’ll Write A Song
06. Love’s Holiday
07. Getaway
Live from New York
Recorded live July 1999 in New York City.


01. Mighty Mighty
02. Shining Star
03. September
04. After the Love is Gone
05. Reasons
06. Getaway
07. Boogie Wonderland
08. Fantasy
09. Let’s Groove
10. That’s the Way of the World

Al McKay Allstars: Live in Kaunas Jazz 2004
A kick ass performance recorded at the Kaunas Jazz Festival, Lithuania 2004.
PCM stereo and (a very good) 5.1 surround mix. PAL 4:3. All regions.

01. Power
02. Africano
03. Allstars suite
04. Serpentine fire
05. Pride
06. Got to get you into my life
07. Saturday nite
08. Shining star
09. I’ll write a song for you
10. Love’s holiday
11. After the love has gone
12. Reasons
13. In the stone
15. Jupiter
16. Getaway
17. Magic mind
18. Let you feelings show
19. Can’t hide love
20. That’s the way of the wolrd
21. September
22. Boogie wonderland

Sweet Sweetbacks Badasssss Song – Movie 1971
Stax CD – CDSXE 103, LP – SXD 103
EWF recorded the score for Melvin Van Peebles’ vanguard movie, Sweet Sweetbacks Badasssss Song (a forerunner to Shaft) for Stax Records.
[NB! VHS NTSC format]
Sweet Sweetbacks Badasssss Song, a Melvin Van Peebles’ production, was the first movie in this genre which turned out such dynamic movies and soundtracks as Shaft. Sweetback was released in 1971 and was the first film to feature a mostly-black cast and a black hero. Despite the resistance from The Motion Picture rating board, whose all-white members rated the film "X", it grossed over $10 million at the box office in the first week of release. Raising questions of race, violence and corruption, the film captured the imagination of many Americans and featured an effective and fitting soundtrack.
Van Peebles’ action-packed story involves a black pimp who finds himself in trouble when he kills two white policemen who brutalize one of his militant friends. Melvin plays the lead character, with his son Mario in a supporting role. The father-son duo have had success with other political movies such as Panther, but this Sweetback remains the touchstone of Blaxploitation’s repertoire.
The soundtrack comes from the young EWF, and is a sure early sign of the group’s appeal and eventual success. In this early recording they present an eclectic mixture of fast and furious soul and jazz. You’ll notice the song titles alone are eye catching.
01. Sweetback losing his cherry
02. Sweetback getting it uptight and preaching it so hard the bourgeois reggin angels in heaven turn around
03. Come on feet
04. Sweetback’s theme
05. Hoppin’ John / Voices / Mojo woman / Voices Sanra Z / Voices
06. Reggin hanging on in there as best they can / Voices won’t bleed me
07. The man tries running his usual game but Sweetback’s Jones is so strong he wastes the hounds (Yeay! Yeah! and besides that will be coming back takin’ names and collecting dues)

Shining Star – aka That’s the Way of the World – Movie 1975
Directed by Sig Shore [EWF did the soundtrack and a little acting]
What’s it all about:
Fred den Hollander in The Netherlands has actually a copy of it. He says that it, as a movie, it’s no good, but of course a collector’s item for all fans.
It’s about the record company business. A talented producer named Buckmaster (played by Harvey Keitel) hears a young beginning band and wants to produce their first album. The guys are of course our friends EWF. In the movie they are called "The Group" and Maurice has a speaking role as the leader.
While Buckmaster is producing the album, his boss (Ed Nelson) orders him to produce a band called "The Pages" (A family band in the Carpenters style, only much worse). During the movie Buckmaster learns about the deceiving world of recordcompany business (People keep telling him "that’s the way of the world").
EWF are performing an instrumental version of "That’s the way ..", and "Happy feelin’" is done twice. Verdine is seen being lifted up in the air while still playing his bass, and there is Freddie with his rotating drumset.
Maurice says: "This guy Sig Shore who had done the movie Superfly came to see us about doing a film. We decided to do the soundtrack. We were in the movie, trying to act. The movie flopped after tree days. But the album stood on its own. It was our time: the momentum had been building through the previous albums, through our live shows. We’d been a community band. That’s The Way Of The World put us in the mainstream."


The California Jam – 1974
Kevin Brathwaite has got hold of a copy of a television broadcast of the now legendary California Jam from 1974 on video tape, and lo and behold, – Earth, Wind & Fire is on it!!!! Kevin says: The tape contains one performance from all of the bands who performed there, and the second one to perform is EWF! They do a very funky, and Sly-influenced version of "C’mon Children" (very reminiscent of Sly’s "Take You Higher"), featuring Johnny Graham doing one hell of a guitar solo (I’ve realized that Earth Wind and Fire’s albums did not give his skills justice after hearing this solo). There is a lot of call and answering with the audience, and like the "Kalimba Story" performance on the "Eternal Dance", they only sing the first verse and the chorus, and then rock during the rest of the song It’s an amazing performance by the band, but too bad it’s the only song that you see them perform. Believe me though, it’s excellent!!! Contact Walter Durst, South Carolina for a copy. He is selling it for $10.
This was the good news. The bad news is that the quality of the tape is poor. The REAL bad news is that it is ONLY EWF’s performance that looks atrocious! You can see all of the other acts pretty well, but during EWF’s performance you see this thick magnetic line go through the tape, and no tracking machine is going to help this baby!!! The line sometimes covers up their faces or the entire stage!!! It’s awful, – but, this is probably the earliest bit of EWF concert footage that anyone will find on tape (April 6, 1974), so I am not going to complain. Just seeing the energy that they all give off is worth it.

Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert – 1973/74
I thought the tape I received of EWF at the California Jam was the earliest footage of the group, but I just received a tape from a BJ Kelley, with them performing on Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert. BJ taped it off of Musique Plus (French-Canada’s version of MTV), and it is in excellent condition! The California Jam performance had Fred White with them, but this tape only has Ralph on drums, so it must be sometime in 1973 or very early 1974. They perform a short version of Power, then they go into Head To The Sky, and end it off with Evil. It is not a full version of either song because they jam at the end of the songs, and the network decided to edit them, but the length of the songs are long enough to soak in their vibes. Their total performance time on the tape is about 11 and a half minutes long, but like the California Jam, they rock with a lot of percussion, and the songs change directions many times and the speed of each song is much faster than the original. BJ sells the master tape, so this tape has the Doobie Brothers, EWF, The Rolling Stones and KISS, and since he no longer has the master, people can contact me if they want a copy of this and the California Jam performance to buy or trade.
Kevin Brathwaite


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