Maurice White, Jon Lind, Eddie Del Barrio & Mary D’Astigues

C C7 F/C
Let’s put the day aside

E7/G# Am
Let peaceful thoughts arise

F Fm6/G
May your dreams be sweet tonight

C C7 F/C E7 Am
With kisses on your cheek and wings upon your feet

F Fm6/G G7-9 C
Oh chase the moon across the sky, close your eyes

C#dim Dm7 C#dim Dm7
Say goodnight to the sky

D#dim Em7 C#dim Dm7
And the fun, day is done

C#dim Dm7 D#dim Em7 Em7-5 A7sus4
Say goodnight, sail away little one

Gm7 Em7-5 E/G# A7sus4 Am7
I know heaven can feel you’re not far away

F Fmaj7/G F6/G
Tomorrow brings another day

C C7 F/C
One more thing to say

E7/G# Am
Before you dream away

Fmaj7 F#m7-5
Let it be reality

Fmaj7 B7+5-9
For all not just for some

Bbm Dm7
Miracles can show the world

Gm7 Bb/C Fmaj7
A story filled with light

F#m7 B7-9 Emaj7 Cm Gm/Bb
All the world is waiting for a miracle that’s visible

Am7-5 Ebdim F#dim Gsus4 Fm/G Cm/G Fm6/G
But you can see it all through children’s eyes

(2nd time:

Am7-5 Abmaj7 Gsus4 G/F Cm/Eb (etc…)
But you can see it all through children’s eyes

© 1983 Saggifire Music (ASCAP)