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Who’s Workshy then?

The band was formed in London by Michael McDermott, Chrysta Jones and Kevin Kehoe in 1986. Kevin left the group in 1992 and they’ve been a duet ever since.

From the beginning

Kevin emigrated from Australia England in 1964 at the age of two, and became friends with Michael who lived 3 doors next to his new home. The two formed a teenage band and played various types of music such as soul, funk, reggae and punk(?).

Chrysta grew up in a family of musicians and joined her fathers group "Metal Ticket" as a vocalist at the age of 11.

Michael moved from Manchester to London and started going to St. Martins (where Sade graduated from) where Kevin was studying Psychology. They started playing music again and formed a soul-funk-latin group called "Garage". That’s when they met Chrysta and Workshy was born. Musically best described as a cross between Swing Out Sister and a downtempo Matt Bianco, – with a dash Sade thrown in. Sophisticated coffee-table soul and smooth jazz if you will…

The debut album

In June 1987, they signed to UK based Magnet Records which was distributed through WEA, and the debut album "The Golden Mile" was released in 1989. Don’t think the album raised much fuzz in the UK, but it became a hit in Japan. As far as I know all of the later albums have only been released in Japan.

Guest appearance

In 2000 Workshy did a guest appearance on the album "Paradise Code – One Summer Sky". A project  produced by Richard Bull.
[# ZACM 1001 – Jap release only – can be obtained through Gemm.com, Mediawars or MusicSelection.com]

About Workshy

Chrysta Marina Jones –
Born in London on March 5, 1963.
Favorite artists: Stevie Wonder and Jackson 5.
Favorite composers: Carol King, Burt Bacharach, Stevie Wonder.

Michael John McDermott – Vocals / Bass 
Born in Oldham (near Manchester) on October 8, 1961.
Favorite singers: Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Chaka Khan and Marvin Gaye.
Favorite groups: Earth Wind & Fire and Ohio Players.
Favorite composers: Burt Bacharach, Hal David, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye.

Kevin Damien Kehoe – Guitars [not present member]
Born in Australia on Aug. 28 1962.
Favorite artists: Earth Wind & Fire, Marvin Gaye and Ohio Players. 

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