Welcome to my Alfa Romeo Spider tribute! With an award-winning Pininfarina design and an engine to match, – a real head-turner and truly a drivers delight!

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S T Y L I N G   &   T U N I N G


There are lots of styling stuff to give your Spider and GTV a personal touch. Ski racks, baggage racks, hardtop, gear knobs, side skirts, spoilers etc. However, most of this should be applied with the utmost care! The Spider has an exceptional design, – don’t go over the top and ruin it! If you ask me, the only thing the Spider really needs is a set of other wheels than the ones originally fitted. And maybe, – just maybe, – a 30 mm lowering. The German Eibach Pro-Kit sport springs will provide a 30mm lowering, and still give pretty good ride comfort. The white side indicator also looks nice and can be obtained from Zender. For a full list of what’s available – in Germany anyway – check tuning.alfisti.net

When it comes to tuning, Carrozzeria Alfa in Norway, Alfa Rosso in Sweden or Zender, Novitec or Hörmann in Germany will be able to give your Spider or GTV a boost. Also check German A.H. Tuning for Alfa specs on chip tuning.

I’m definitely no expert on this, but what I DO know, is that you should always check with professionals before you go and do serious alterations to your GTV/Spider (or any other car for that matter).

Chip tuning: You will get about 10% increase in power. For instance a 2.0 TS GTV/Spider 155 bhp/114 kw engine would with chip tuning be increased to 170 bhp/126 kw. According to AH Tuning in Germany, top speed will then be around 225 km/h. I always thought this would give an increase in fuel consumption, but (again according to AH Tuning), this is not the case at all.

  GTV/Spider 2.0 TS fuel con. original chip fuel con. chip tuning  
  90 km/h 6.6 l/100 km 6.2 l/100 km  
  120 km/h 8.8 l/100 km 8.1 l/100 km  
  City driving 12.4 l/100 km 11.5 l/100 km  

Kompressor tuning: An excellent alternative to give the engine a boost. The kompressor  will add more power for less money pr. hp. Cost around Euro 4000-4500,- in Germany. Guess mounting is added. Below is the Novitec boost list.
GTV/Spider 2.0 16V modell 1998-2000
114KW / 155hp
160KW / 218hp
Speed: 244 km/h
0-100 6,2 sec.
GTV/Spider 2.0 16V modell 2001->
110KW / 150hp
153KW / 208hp
speed 231 km/h
0-100 6,6 sec.
GTV/Spider 3.0 V6 24V
224KW / 305hp
speed: ??
156/Sportwagon GTA
3.2 V6 24V

184KW / 250hp
256KW / 348hp!!
speed: ??

Be aware that any guarantee you might have on your car is probably no longer valid.
For the hardcore Alfisti there are also T-shirts, jackets, sunglasses and watches available. Check the Alfa Romeo Boutique or the German Alfa Shop

Spider styling by Zender
a bit over the top if you ask me..